GOSUN SolarFlex 10 - Foldable 10W Solar Panel

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GoSun's 10 Watt Solar Phone Charger is great for charging your devices using nothing but sunshine. Just connect to phone and place in the Sun. Under full sun, this will charge about at fast as a typical wall outlet charger. 

Uses: camping, beach, travel, emergencies


  • Folds in half for maximum portability
  • Fits devices and digital products that have a standard USB connector
  • Plastic laminated fabric for maximum durability and water resistance 
  • Charges steadily through USB outlet at up to 2 Amps to trickle charge directly via available solar power


  • Unfolded Size: 10.5 in x 13.7 in x .01 in
  • Folded Size: 10.5 in x 7 in x .02 in
  • LightWeight: 0.65 lb (0.29kg)
  • Maximum Power: 10 Watts
  • 5V, 2A USB Charging Port